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Tips 1: Planning Your Vegetable Garden

This class is now being offered on-line using a cloud-based service WebEx. 

Visit URL: https://royerheld.my.webex.com/royerheld.my/j.php?MTID=mb1c80fa17ce776290d97c2a58370fdc8

Meeting number: 790 383 509

Password: ZAykkKKf357

Host key: 871022

We ask that you join ten minutes before class and follow the instructions that Webex provides to get connected. To assure that the class is not interrupted with unwanted noise, we ask that you mute your microphone until you wish to ask a question or make a comment at the end of the class. Since this is the first time we are attempting to hold classes online, we ask for your understanding and goodwill as we undertake this adventure.

This is the first of two classes planned by Project Grow to help gardeners with the problems that are typically encountered throughout the growing season. This class is designed with the novice gardener in mind, though experienced gardeners may gain (and share) some ideas that will promote success in the season to come. Topics to be covered include, among others, factors to consider when designing its layout, selecting the vegetables to grow, deciding where and how you will plant them, managing weeds, and choosing materials and products to support and protect your plantings. Experienced Project Grow gardeners Joet Reoma and Royer Held are the instructors.

Future classes include information on: Dealing with Heat, Weeds, Watering and Pests

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This event takes place online.

Organizer Information

Project Grow Community Gardens

P.O. Box 130293
Ann Arbor, MI 48113
(734) 996-3169

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